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1How large will my group be?
Small, intimate groups are best for the experience. We will try not to exceed more than 12-14 motorcycles per tour.
2What should I bring?
We strongly encourage you to bring your own motorcycle gear, but you don't have to. We can show you where to buy some in Thailand at a reasonable price but the quality is not as good as gear from home.

We will have storage in Chiang Mai where we will leave our big luggage bags, but we encourage to to bring a normal-sized book bag that you can throw in the back of the follow truck. Other items can be carried in the truck that will meet us at each destination.

A comprehensive packing list will be provided via email before your tour. We've got you covered ;-)

3How many locations will we be visiting?
We will be visiting three main locations on our tour, Chiang Mai, Pai, and Mae Hong Son. The other places we'll visit cannot be pronounced with a westerner's tongue. I'm (partially) kidding, but you'll have to come with us to find out!
4What type of accommodations will we be staying in?
Our accommodations will vary depending on our location, that's half the fun! They will range from comfortable hotel rooms to beautiful bungalows on the hillside. We promise you'll have a warm shower, mattress, pillow, and sheets every night. There is wifi at all locations as well, but some are stronger than others.
5Can I request a private room?
We usually book accommodations with two people per room, but with each person having his/her own bed. However, there could be a situation where we'll stay in 3 or 4-person rooms. No matter what, each person will still have his/her own mattress. If you have any special requirements, please notify us as soon as possible.
6Do I need experience riding a motorcycle?
Yes, an intermediate level of experience is required for our on-road tours, and an advanced level is required for our off-road tours.

7What type of bike will I be riding?
You will be riding a Honda CRF250L. This is a dual-sport motorcycle that has a high-efficiency, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. It features an electric starter, double-overhead cams, and a counter-balancer with a comfortable, neutral seating position. They come equipped with dual sport style tires to maximize your on-road and off-road experience.

We've ridden them all and the CRF250L is perfect for our purpose.

8What if I damage my bike?
Shit happens! The Hondas we'll be riding are pretty rugged, but if you manage to damage the bike, you'll be responsible for the cost of repairs.
9Can I reserve a spot? And do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. 50% down payment is required to reserve your spot on the tour. The balance is due 30 days prior to the start of your tour. You may cancel up to 90 days prior to the starting date of your tour for a $500 cancellation fee.
10What if I'm not driving the motorcycle? Do you offer another price?
Yes, we offer a discounted rate for passengers and you still receive all of the all-inclusive benefits at a lower price. Please send us an email regarding pricing.
11Is airfare included in the package price?
No, airfare is not included, but we're happy to help you find a good deal. We're experts! Google Flights is our go-to website.
12What airport should I fly into and when should I arrive and depart?
You'll need to fly into Chiang Mai (CNX) which is a 10-15 minute tuk tuk ride to your first night's accommodations.

Your accommodations will start on the Saturday night of your tour so you can arrive anytime Saturday or Sunday morning but no later than Sunday evening. Our rooms will be ready Saturday by 3pm so anytime after that would be best.

The tour returns to Chiang Mai Friday evening so you can depart CNX anytime on that Saturday.

13Do I need a visa? How about my passport?
Don’t forget your passport! And you won't need a visa if you’re from the USA or 56 other countries. Click here to find more out about Visa requirements here.
14Do I need any vaccinations to travel through Thailand?
According to iVisa.com (link below), tourists are not required to be fully (COVID) vaccinated. However, if you are not vaccinated, a negative PCR test within 72 hours of departure will be required. If you're fully vaccinated, there are no COVID testing requirements at this time. For the lastest requirements, please Google or ask us as these sometimes change. Regarding other vaccinations, Dr. Google insists on getting Hepatitis A and Tetanus but those are pretty routine shots anyway. Malaria is very rare in Thailand so we've never taken the pills and have survived. Brandon only has one extra arm growing out of his head but it comes in "handy" when he's working on his bike! https://www.ivisa.com/thailand-blog/thailand-vaccination-requirements-do-i-need-a-vaccine-to-travel-to-thailand
15Do I need an International Drivers License?
"Need" is a strong word. Thailand has recently been cracking down on this, so we do encourage you to get one. They cost about $25 and you can get them at any AAA in the USA. The cost of a ticket in Thailand for this infraction is about $25 as well, except that it may take some time away from the open road. It's not a big deal. Please remember to have AAA check the box that proves you have a motorcycle license as well. If you don't have a motorcycle license, an international divers license for cars will not help you on the bikes in Thailand.
16Should I get travel insurance?
Yes! It is not required to come on our tour, but we strongly recommend it. Depending on your plan, age, and how long your trip is, it will be between $80-$100, which is well worth the peace of mind.